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Camp dates conflict with holy days

If your child attends Huffman, Mathews, Mitchell, Davis, Shepard or Harrington Elementary School in the Plano Indepependent School District, you need to be aware of a problem.

Each year the fifth-grade class attends a week of Outdoor Learning called Camp Classen in Oklahoma. Huffman, Mathews and Mitchell are all scheduled to go the week of Rosh Hashanah, and Davis, Shepard and Harrington are scheduled to go the week of Yom Kippur

I need all of you who this affects to call Ann McWilliams, who is in charge of the scheduling of these camps. Her number is (972) 519-8100. You also need to call Doug Otto, Superintendent of Plano schools. He is also at (972) 519-8100.

Please tell them that they need to change dates with some other schools, most likely on the east side of Plano where it would not be a problem. You can look up a schedule of all the schools on the Web site: www.pisd.edu/schools/outdoorschool/schedule.

It might also be helpful if you call the Rabbi of your synagogue and give them this information and have them call as well. The more phone calls the better. They need to be aware that this is a problem that they need to be more concerned with in the future. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at (972) 867-4510. Thank you.

Cindy Sennet


Stop Greenspan!

We enlist the support and action of your readership to abort the actions of Alan Greenspan.

His arrogant attitude is negatively impacting the nation's economy. His blatant disregard for our financial security also poses a threat to our physical safety.

Historically, during times of economic crisis, there is a resurgence of anti-Semitism, with emphasis on the notion of a "Jewish Banking Conspiracy."

We must mount our major grass-roots campaign by conducting our elected officials and voicing our concern.

Greenspan is a public servant who must be forcibly reminded that he serves the needs of the American public regardless of his personal agenda.

Barbara J. Nisenson

James H. Nisenson

'Pure conjecture'

I get passionate about people stating what God will or not do. Case in Point: Lori Palatnik as quoted in the recent Dallas Jewish Week article concerning the afterlife. According to the article, Ms. Palatnik, in her recent speech, asserted that after death, the soul comes before God and must become its own advocate, defending all past actions. Then, after all the excuses, God sends the soul for rehabilitation to either Hell or Gehenna, after which it may go on to Heaven.

How on earth does Ms. Palatnik know this? What makes her or anyone else an expert on what happens after death? The beauty of the Jewish tradition is that nothing is spelled out about life after death. Judaism asserts the belief of consequences for actions. If we believe that our souls rejoin the eternal soul, we are comforted, but to get as specific as Ms. Palatik does is pure conjecture, no matter who says it.

Deanna Kasten


Vote Progressive, with no apologies

I admire Clarence Page but I strongly disagree with his comments about Nader voters costing Mr. Gore the election with the ensuing damage to the environment by the pro-large business Mr. Bush.

Let's leave aside the fact that Mr. Gore won the popular vote and no one knows who won Florida, allowing Mr. Bush to be anointed by the Supremes. The point is an election means voters can choose the candidate who best reflects their ideals. Mr. Nader stands for a clean environment, universal health care and optional public financing of political campaigns.

I believe passionately in these ideals. If I voted for Mr. Gore, there was no chance of this happening. If candidates like Mr. Nader get enough votes, either the Democratic Party will change or the Green Party will become a major third party. I reserve the right to vote for progressive candidates without apology.

Lastly, with a record of peace and prosperity, Mr. Gore has only himself to blame for not overwhelming Mr. Bush, especially considering Texas's record on the environment, health care, judicial corruption and inhumane criminal executions.

Jerry Frankel


'The Compromised Land' under seige

Thus far, despite and because of their intransigence, hatred and cowardice, the hapless Palestinians have been unable to solve the Israeli puzzle. And fully 84 percent of polled Americans, not only Jews, side with the original keepers of The Compromised Land. And despite the Koran's strict commandment that its followers not wantonly engage in murderous acts, the Arab's newest barbaric folly - martyrdom - casts a deep pall over civilized society.

To be sure, the damages of this lunacy have been devastating, but it also has strengthened Israel's resolve. But with a little cunning, deception and subterfuge, and without firing a shot, the Jews could, by strictly adhering to my outlandish proposal, very well add another notch to the "handed down" decree of "an eye for an eye successes."

Convincing the embittered Arabs that the best Jew is a dead Jew is not difficult. Just enter into a "joint venture" whereas Israel will "sacrifice" 2,000 of its own daily to be matched with a like number of theirs simultaneously. Sensing an "evenhandedness" never realized before, a voluminous eruption of Muslim agreement should soon follow.

Overlooking the Red Sea, the Ramadans will dive into that body of water. In turn, the Hebrews will fling themselves into the Dead Sea. Except for one fatal consequence, mission accomplished: the fait accompli? One who reaches the Red Sea will sink and die. He who enters the Dead Sea will float and live. Who, then, will shout DELIVERANCE!?

Were this fantasy ever to take place, the Arab world shouldn't ridicule the Palestinians for being so easily hoodwinked. They tend to forget the good intentions of their drowned, martyred brethren, for the family of every "slain good-intentioned" is awarded a whopping $100. Talk about breaking the bank!

And, alas, their memory banks are chock-full of cobwebs, as they continue to disbelieve the fact that all attempts to transform a vibrant Israel into a defunct Wasrael remain doomed to failure.

Cecil Liken,


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on: Thursday, April 12, 2001

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