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New look for a holy place - Ner Tamid dedicates new Sanctuary

by Tamara Stokes Special to DALLAS JEWISH WEEK

Congregation Ner Tamid invited members, family, friends and community leaders to attend the dedication ceremony of their sanctuary, Sunday, February 17th. More than 70 people attended the event in the newly remodeled facility located at 3750 Waynoka Drive in Carrollton. Rabbi Heidi Coretz told congregants they were "pioneers forging a new reality for your own community. This is a holy, sacred place and spiritual day."

Rabbi Lawrence Jackofsky, Union of American Hebrew Congress Regional Director, said a sanctuary by itself was just a space, but that relationships within the boundaries of the facility define its importance.

"On behalf of 81 congregations in a six-state area," says Jackofsky, "you have done something to strengthen the movement, and we are here to say to you, 'Welcome home. May you come here and grow'."

Carrollton Chief of Police David N. James told the audience he was honored to address the group. "We should find more reasons like this to celebrate our community."

Many Congregation members were honored for their contributions to the sanctuary construction, including Cliff Ackerman, Shelley Allison, Judy Berger, Jerry Bigio, Alan and Rabbi Heidi Coretz, Daryl and Kathy and Randy Friedberg, Sheldon Goodman, Deborah and Danny Lister, David Manuel and Amy Long, Joe and Marsha Meister, Cary Miller, Brenda Nibert, John Olthoff, Alan and Marcy Prager, Abby Rea, and Sheldon and Anita Ripka. Special awards, "Master Builder" and "The Golden Hammer," were given to Marty Howard and Congregation President Howard Flushman, respectively.

I. D. Freed says that his affiliation with Congregation Ner Tamid has been a joyful one. "Today is just fabulous. I have been a member since 1984 and watched the membership wax and wane and ultimately grow to what you see today. It's been fun to head the worship committee and work with other lay people who have led services here."

This story was published in the Dallas Jewish Week
on: Thursday, February 21, 2002


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