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Spring at Texas A&M Hillel

Spring at Texas A&M Hillel is shaping up to be very multifaceted season.

Students are busy planning for this year's international festival. Each year Texas A&M Hillel sponsors the festival's Israel's booth. The fair draws up to 10,000 participants and therefore plays a major role in getting Israel's message out to people across central Texas. The Israel booth this year is being organized by Hillel's Israel students under the leadership of Leo Lahav.

Concurrently, Hillel is sponsoring two campus-wide activities: Holocaust Week during the week of April 8 and our interreligious football Sundays, known around Aggieland as "G-d's Cup." Hillel is also fielding a co-rec (male/female) intramural basketball team.

On the religious and spiritual side, Hillel sponsors regular festival and Sabbath services, and offers bar/bat mitzvah training to those who missed this ceremony at age 13, Hebrew language skills, and a course called Jews-by-Choice (JbC). The JbC course is aimed not only at those who seek conversion into the Jewish faith, but for those Jewish students who seek to deepen their faith.

If you know of a student going to Texas A&M University, or if you would like more information about Texas A&M Hillel, please contact Rabbi Tarlow at the Hillel building, 800 George Bush Drive, College Station, Texas 77840. The phone number is (979) 696-7313 and the e-mail address is BR> startel.net>. Please check out our all-new bi-lingual web page at or via e-mail at BR> tel.net>.

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