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Will you be a donor?

Seven reasons to consider becoming a donor:

* 16 people die each day because the organ they need isn't available

* 6,000 donors each year supply the needs for 20,000 organ recipients

* 80,000 people are on waiting lists for organ donations

* 5,000 are here in Texas, with 3,000 in the north Texas area

* Think about what you would do if someone you know and love needs a transplant.

* Would you pray and ask for help?

* Are you willing to become a donor?

If you decide to become a donor, share this with your family. Sign a donor card and carry it with you in case the inevitable happens.

To find out more, contact Pam Silvestri at Southwest Transplant Alliance, (214) 522-0255, or .

This story was published in the DallasJewishWeek
on: Thursday, June 6, 2002








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