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Unfolding the tapestry

Jewish newspapers should benefit from introspection as much as individuals and institutions do. That's reason enough to briefly take stock of what's filled these pages the last few months and anticipate what's to come.

To keep local coverage balanced and more than superficial, we have resisted the temptation to simply react to many requests for publicity, important as they are. Often we've succeeded. Have you seen recent DJW news and feature stories on these topics?

* Astronauts' deaths hit home in Dallas

* State deficit may affect funding of local Jewish programs

* Jewish teens devise new travel options

* Father and son team up at Congregation Tiferet Israel

* Former Christians choose Judaism

* Judaism flourishes on Dallas-area campuses

* Latkes simmer in an Old City Park kitchen

* JCC seeks financial fitness

* Jewish Family Service's helping hand touches more lives than ever

* Israel Bonds enjoys huge popularity

* Federation builds new partnership with synagogues

* Rabbi Klein's 50 years in Dallas celebrated

* Dallas-area's dynamic day schools imbue faith

* Dallas population grows, bucking national trend.

We've kept wide open our Jewish Telegraphic Agency window on the Middle East.

We've worked to make our photos and graphic design more appealing and bring you closer to your neighbors. Our advertising and special sections have been informative and varied.

We've editorialized on the Jewish view of pre-emptive war strikes, ways to help the unemployed, conflicts of school prayer, Plano (Texas)-Acco (Israel) friendship, religious liberty threats in Texas and the Jewish view of cloning.

At times, we've fallen short of what a big-city Jewish paper should do, but our energetic staff and contributors expect to keep breaking new ground.

Please share our excitement as we

* Sing the praises of many unsung heroes

* Follow the paths your neighbors are charting toward spirituality in our competitive and materialistic culture

* Examine Jewish seniors' current and future living choices

* Shed light on women's choices and barriers in leadership roles

* Communicate local students' college options and preferences

* Understand the opportunities and needs of single parents and other singles

* Continue to report the "routine" social, organizational and life cycle events that fill much of our lives.

We've only begun to unfold the tapestry of personalities, synagogues and organizations that enrich this community.

This story was published in the DallasJewishWeek
on: Thursday, February 13, 2003








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