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5913 'Bridge between people' 'Dudu' Fisher to bring music to Warner Theatre

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5925 Preserving a 500-year-old tradition Flory Jagoda awarded National Heritage Fellowship

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5939 Flamenco's Jewish roots Noche Flamenca to perform at GWU's Lisner Auditorium

5946 Bush mulls Mideast initiative

5986 Jewish Agency downplays report

5987 Hanukkah stamp for 2002

5988 Waging war on the 'Net'

5989 Arab Americans struggle on two fronts After 9/11, Arab Americans struggle for civil rights - and for Palestinians

6098 Manilow appears in concert July 5 Finds his Jewish soul in his new Holocaust-era musical, 'Harmony'

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6267 Conservative Yeshiva to offer pre-college year

6268 School vouchers in Texas?

6271 Correcting vision may ease school woes

6272 Young Judaeans back from year in Israel